Children’s Prosthetics

Children’s Prosthetics

Choose Comfortable Children’s Prosthetics

When someone needs children’s prosthetics, it can be uncomfortable at first, which is why you need a quality organisation who can help design and fit your prosthetic. At Dynamic Prosthetics & Orthotics, we can help your child find the comfiest fit for every limb. We make the process as easy for everyone as possible with experienced staff and a variety of options.

Benefits of Prosthetics for Kids

Medical issues should never stop a child from enjoying their youth.

  • Mobility: Whether it’s recess or just around the neighbourhood, children should always have the option to be reckless and explore. Youth tends to be rambunctious and prosthetics for kids help ensure they don’t miss out on this energy-filled time of their lives. With time and practice, prostheses can be used to help them enjoy several activities they wouldn’t be able to otherwise.
  • Confidence and body image: The absence of a limb may cause body dysmorphia in children that can make growing up different. Artificial limbs can help lessen image issues in youth. They can wear the same clothes and enjoy their bodies just like everyone else! Investing in prosthetics for your kid on the Sunshine Coast can influence their self-image for the rest of their life.
  • More stability: Beyond walking, prosthetics go a long way for stillness as well. Leg prosthetics will give you support for standing and sitting that make all types of situations easier in both mind and body.

Related Services We Provide to Prosthetics for Kids on the Sunshine Coast

We’ve got extra care and options for various support needs.

  • Orthotics: Some limbs need more support than others which is why we supply custom-made as well as prefabricated braces and splints. These helps support your body and improve mobility despite injury or illness. From knee and leg braces to back support for children, we can help.
  • Custom socket design: Prosthetics don’t need to be dull. You can order custom vinyl or airbrushed limbs that advertise your individuality for the world to see. These are especially useful for prosthetics for kids as it can help turn their device into a fun design to display proudly.
  • NDIS approval: Don’t scramble for a good provider when we are already approved. NDIS covers many prosthetics and we will discuss these options with you during your appointment. You’ll be able to determine what percentage of the prosthetic is covered and move forward with the order.

About Dynamic Prosthetics & Orthotics

We’re not joking when we say we’re the best! Our Master Technician has over 40 years’ experience in the field and has a personal connection due to his exposure as an amputee. He and the senior technician go above and beyond for each of their clients. As an Australian owned and operated organisation, you can trust us to stick around and deliver the best. We’re here to stay. Turn to us for quality prosthetics for kids on the Sunshine Coast and schedule your appointment today.