Orthotics Sunshine Coast

Orthotics Sunshine Coast

Comfortable Orthotics in the Sunshine Coast

Our team assists you in locating the most comfortable orthotics in the Sunshine Coast. With over sixty years’ experience, we understand how to provide you with a perfect fit. It can take a little adjusting, but our team works with you to resolve any irritation or other issues that may arise.

Related Services We Provide for Prosthetics on the Sunshine Coast

When you work with us on your prosthetic, we focus on ensuring a comfortable fit and provide additional services, including:

  • Information about funding – Prosthesis are expensive, and our team will discuss costs throughout treatment. You may be eligible for funding in the public health system, under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), or through the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA). Every situation is unique, but we work with you to ensure you have the information necessary to seek financial support.
  • Ongoing maintenance checks – When using your prosthetic in the Sunshine Coast, you must perform regular maintenance. Visiting us for routine checks, ensures optimal performance of the device and minimises the risk of significant damage or malfunction. We recommend that you have your device checked every three months.
  • Custom socket design – Many of our clients take advantage of our custom socket design service. Wrapping your prosthetic in a vinyl wrap, or having it airbrushed, allows you to express your individuality and creativity. While not everyone in the Sunshine Coast wants their prosthetics and orthotics to stand out, for those that do; a unique socket design is a fun alternative.

The Best Advice You Can Hear in the Sunshine Coast Regarding Prosthetics and Orthotics

There is a lot of advice available regarding prosthetics and orthotics. Below are three things we feel you should know when working with us:

  • Always follow our advice. Whether you are being fitted for a prosthetic or orthotic, you ought to follow our advice when you begin wearing the device. Depending on the device and your unique situation, there may be an initial wearing-in period. During this time, it is critical that you follow our instructions to avoid unnecessary discomfort or pain.
  • Ask lots of questions. At Dynamic Prosthetics and Orthotics, we believe it is vital for our clients to understand their device. We work with you to ensure you feel comfortable wearing and maintaining your brace, orthopaedic footwear, or other hardware. Understanding how to use and care for your device is essential for the longevity of your prosthetic or orthotic.
  • If you are uncomfortable, contact us right away. Your device should not feel uncomfortable or cause any irritation. In the beginning, it may require a few adjustments to find the perfect fit. During this time, and any time, if you experience discomfort or irritation, give us a call, and we’ll address your concerns or book an appointment to examine the device.

About the Professionals at Dynamic Prosthetics and Orthotics

Dewet Heyns, our Senior Prosthetist/Orthotist has over nineteen years’ national and international experience. Steve Saroglia, our Master Technician, has almost forty years’ experience in the industry and has a personal understanding of the needs of amputees. Together Dewet and Steve provide our clients with top quality, professional services.

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