Spina Bifida Orthotics

Spina Bifida Orthotics

Finding Quality Spina Bifida Orthotics For Your Child

Take your child’s care seriously and begin looking into spina bifida orthotics to help provide the support they’ll need. At Dynamic Prosthetics & Orthotics, we’re able to offer years of experience to ensure you have the best fit. We’re 100% Australian Owned and operated so we stay invested in our community’s health and wellbeing.

What Sets Our Spina Bifida Orthotics in the Sunshine Coast Apart

With 60 years’ combined experience in this field, our team provides the utmost in professionalism and genuine care. We support you with services you may need when you require orthotics.

  • NDIS approved: Finding a provider within the system can be difficult, which is why we are proud to be registered with NDIS. We keep it simple with comfortable options and the ability to receive treatment under your coverage.
  • Patient care priority: We believe that care should always be patient-centred. Your comfort is an essential part of hospital services, especially in the challenging process of obtaining prosthetics or orthotics. Customer satisfaction is one of the cornerstones of our business’s foundation, and we’re sure you’ll agree.
  • Experienced staff: Trust is a vital part of any clinical situation, which is why our team has years of experience. Our senior prosthetist, Dewet, has over 19 years of experience and puts each of our clients at ease with his extensive knowledge and calm nature. Coupled with the personal understanding and knowledge of Steve Sargolia, everyone knows they’re in the right hands.

We’re not just any clinic, and you aren’t just any patient. To us, you are an individual, and we handle each case with the unique treatment you deserve.

Tips Regarding Spina Bifida Orthotics on the Sunshine Coast

Everyone is different, but there are some things everyone can keep in mind.

  • Stay positive: There are hundreds of individuals undergoing similar treatments all the time. A diagnosis such as these are common, and with the help of advancing science, it is becoming easier than ever to adjust and live a healthy and fulfilled life. We’re here to help, so remember, you aren’t alone.
  • Fitting appointments: Getting prosthetics or spina bifida orthotics on the Sunshine Coast is not a simple one-time appointment. There will need to be long-lasting and appropriate appointments to ensure the most comfortable splints and braces. It’s essential to be prepared for these visits and understand that it will be a process and not a one-stop quick fix.
  • Additional physical care: There is currently no cure for spina bifida, and we are only just beginning to understand its causes. Orthotics can go a long way to help prevent pain and continued deterioration, but you can also look into additional care and physical treatments. Combining multiple types of treatment can be beneficial long term.

Why Choose Dynamic Prosthetics and Orthotics

We have years of experience that we will apply to your case and strive to give you the best fit possible. We also help make prosthetics fun with custom vinyl wraps to show off your personality. Here the individual is everything, and you know you’ll get customised care for all your needs. Reach out to schedule your appointment in Brisbane today.