Prosthetic FAQ

Congratulations on your new Prosthetic Limb!

At Dynamic Prosthetics & Orthotics, we pride ourselves in our excellent quality and workmanship, and we strive to make sure that you are 100% happy with your limb and that it’s the perfect fit. If you have an issues or questions about your new limb(s), please do not hesitate to contact our offices on 07 5441 5135 and Dewet or Steve will gladly assist you in any way that they can.

Here are some FAQ and tips to make the most of your new Prosthetic Limb:


Never store your prosthesis outdoors, INDOORS ONLY. Depending on your needs, next to your bed is probably the best place, ready to put on as soon as you wake up in the morning.

How long should I wear my prosthesis during the day?

For a brand new Prosthesis, please wear for short periods throughout the day, slowly increasing the time until you are able to wear it for longer and longer periods.

Once you are used to your new prosthesis, wearing it all day until bed time is fine, depending on your residual limb’s tolerance. If there is any rubbing preventing all day wear, please contact us.

Hygiene/Stump Care?
  • Wash your stump daily in soapy water, rinse and dry well
  • Change stump socks and liners daily
  • Clean and wash stump socks and liners after use
    • Turn liners inside out, mix luke-warm water with a mild soap (like sunlight/woolite) Dip a cloth into the water and soap mixture and then wipe your liner clean. Leave the liner inside out to air next to your bed on a towel before using the next day.
  • Avoid wearing wet or damp socks or liners


How do I clean my Prosthesis?

Mix luke-warm water with a mild soap (like sunlight/woolite), dip a cloth into the solution and then gently wipe your prosthesis clean. Wipe the inside of your socket first, then work your way to the outside if needed.

What happens if I get a rash/discolouration etc?

Rashes can usually be remedied with an array of stump care sprays and lotions that you can get at our clinic and funded by QALS, NDIS and various other Insurances.

A light pink discolouration is normal. If it becomes a darker red and does not disappear within 30 minutes, please give us a call straight away

What happens if my prosthesis breaks?

This rarely happens, as the prosthesis has undergone various checks for safety before it is given to you. If this does occur, please remove your prosthesis when it is safe to do so, and give us a call straight away. If this happens on a weekend, please call us on 0407 470 045.

How do I know If I need a height/alignment adjustment?

If you feel pain in your lower back, it might be because the height of your prosthesis is incorrect. If you have knee/hip pain and/or feel unstable, this might also be because of alignment. Please contact us to arrange an appointment so that we can review and adjust if needed.

It is important to ensure that you attend your 3 month review appointment with us, as this will ensure your prosthesis fits and functions at its best.

We would like to thank you for choosing Dynamic Prosthetics and Orthotics, and we look forward to continuing this journey together as your prosthetic providers.